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von Menschen, für die amnesty international sich eingesetzt hat. (Auszüge aus den Deckblättern von Fallakten):


"I would like to express to you my sincere thanks for everything Amnestie International has done f'or me. Without this work I would have had to stay in prison for many months. By this action, Amnesty International saved my life and gave me the chance of a new and truly human existence."


"l want you to know that from prison one can feel very much this support of friends (whom we do not know) who give generously fighting for freedom. The task that you have been carring out for years is a hand stretched out further than the iron bars of prison, which in our worst moments makes us feel that we are never alone, that there is always hope and a feeling of love that has no frontiers and no languages, and which is present to tell us of the constant struggle ... of men and women of the world who want a more just huminity ..."


"Please send my best wishes to all my friends who think untiringly of me. I really wonder what would have happened to me if Amnesty International did not exist. As I write to you I am full of optimism, and I assure you that as of now the word "despair" has no more meaning. I gain much strength and courage from our friendship, and this allows me to overcome all the difficulties I experience here."


"I cannot find the words nor the expression to describe the plight of these few wretched sufferers among human beings. A horrible death is slowly being forced down on us, bit by bit Since we arrived in this black hole, we'have not been out in the sun for a single day. Nearly a quarter of our comrades have died in the worst possible conditions. The prisoner moaning, alone, then slowly dying among the garbage with no one to bring him a glass of water. Then he is wrapped in a a dirty blanket and buried in the prison courtyard, a few yards away from the cells, and no one will be any the wiser! ... Come to our reseue if we still live in your heart, and help us before it is too late."


"I have recommenced my life as a free citizen, with below average health and several physical weaknesses - the consequences of three years of detention, deprivation and ill-treatment. I want to express my thanks, to you personally as well as to the members of your organization for all the efforts and interventions which you have made to free me. Perhaps I have your interventions to think for my remission of two years (three years in prison, instead of the five to which I was sentenced)."


"I take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for your indispensable help in enabling me to regain my liberty and life and to bring to an end the unjust treatment which I received from the authorities of my countries. I do this on my own behalf and on behalf of my family. I feel sure that my reiease would not have come about without your help."


"I would like to express my thanks to everyone who contributed their. efforts, but I have come to realize, in these days following my release, that this would be most difficult to do. If it appears reasonable to you, perhaps you can send a copy of this letter to those persons who worked with you to help me."


"This thoughtfulness gives me much joy and support, knowing that very many people have thought of me ... Since we have received the gift of the second-hand typewriter I have painstakingly copied out the names and addresses of the people who sent thern (postcards), using my two index fingers on the typewriter."


"I am afraid that I have made many mistakes in the names of persons and places since I do not read or speak English and have never come accros those words. I tried my best. There are more than 400 cards which carried no retum address and those I could not include in the list. "Thank you very much to each and every one. Thank you for your prayers, your letters ... Do continue with your efforts in helping political prisoners everywhere."


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